Ailments treated

Most people do not want to go through the hassles of mainstream medical treatment and for many Allopathy has not worked or alleviated the symptoms. Dharam Reflexology successfully and naturally treats the following ailments without the use of medicines, machines or operations of any kind:

Joint pain :

Dharam Reflexology has successfully provided patients relief from moderate to severe joint pain and arthritis. Reflexology treats the symptoms related to joint pain and is very helpful in quickly and naturally relieving the pain resulting from arthritis.

Knee pain :

Dharam Reflexology provides treatment for knee pain by manipulating the area corresponding to the knees in the feet. By the use of innovative methods, Dharam Reflexology cures knee pain easily and quickly.

Sciatica :

Sciatica is the kind of pain that affects the sciatic nerve, which extends from the lower back to the legs. Generally, there is pain only in one side of the body. Reflexology cures sciatica by pressurising the nerve endings and improving the blood circulation around the affected area.

Back pain :

Sessions at Dharam Reflexology have proven extremely effective in relieving and curing all kinds of back pain. Patients have felt a remarkable improvement after the first session itself.

Neck Cervical :

If you are affected by neck pain and no other treatment is working, Dharam Reflexology is the right place to come to. Reflexology works wonders in treating neck cervical by improving the blood flow and removing toxins from the body.

Neuropathy :

Neuropathy means nerve damage in the peripheral nervous system. Since reflexology directly targets the nerves, it is very effective in curing neuropathy and providing relief from its symptoms.

Numbness :

Numbness in any part of the body can be effectively addressed through reflexology. Reflexology helps in bringing about a balance in the body with a simple and relaxing technique and hence relieves numbness.

Multiple sclerosis :

In multiple sclerosis, the insulating covers of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord are damaged. Dharam Reflexology cures multiple sclerosis without the aid of any surgery or medicines.

Reflexology also provides effective cures for Allergies, Frozen Shoulders, Macular Edema and Hepatitis C. The treatment at Dharam Reflexology is tailored according to the patientís medical needs and history and hence shows immediate effects. See patient Testimonials