"Dharam Reflexology treated my swollen retina. I am diabetic for the last 32 years. I was seeing distorted images. OCT scan for macular thickness was done on 4-3-2010 at Max Eye Care, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi, which showed retinal oedma. I got dharam reflexology therapy and my vision started improving dramatically. OCT scan was done again on 20-4-2013 at Max Eye Care which showed complete reversal. The doctor's report says, "no diabetic retinopathy, no macular oedema, oct macula normal and rnfl normal.My eyesight also improved. IOP which was 24 for right eye and 21 for left eye became 19 in both the eyes. "

I think its a miracle that my eyes have became normal without any medicines and steroids.

Max Eye Hospital reports are with The Reflexologist.

The results may vary from person to person.

- Ms. Asha.

"TC Shankar was having excruciating pain in his lower back at L5-S1. He got his MRI done. The highlight of the MRI was "associated compression of the thecal sac and exiting nerve root." The doctor told him to undergo an operation immediately. Since operation could be risky he tried other treatments. Nothing worked. Ultimately he got well at Dharam Reflexology. His pain disappeared. He started enjoying his normal life and brisk walk. He didn't need an operation anymore. His MRI was again taken which states, there is however no evidence of thecal sac or nerve root compression."

The results may vary from person to person.

- TC Shankar

- Mr.Abhinav Aggarwal

- Mrs.Laxmi Ramaswamy