All our patients have been more than satisfied with the treatment given by Reflexologist Dharam Prakash. Read what they have to say in their own words:


"My grateful thanks to Dr. Dharam Prakash for getting me back to sitting comfortably in lotus pose. His expert treatment and his loving kindness have healed my knee injury. I can once again happily practice yoga postures pain free. As a yoga teacher and at the age of 66, I am especially thankful for this. I highly recommend this natural form of treatment."

- Susie Roy, yoga teacher, USA. Her claims have been backed by X-ray reports that state that her "joint spaces and articular margins are normal." [Max Medcentre, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi on 27-01-2012]


"Amazingly, Dharam Reflexology completely cured my swollen retina. I am an insulin dependent diabetic for the last 32 years. I was seeing distorted images. OCT scan for macular thickness was done on 4-3-2010 at Max Eye Care, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi, which showed retinal oedma.

I got Dharam reflexology therapy and my vision started improving dramatically. OCT scan was done again on 20-4-2013 at Max Eye Care which showed complete reversal. The doctor's report says, 'No diabetic retinopathy, no macular oedema, oct macula normal and rnfl normal.

My eyesight also improved. IOP which was 24 for right eye and 21 for left eye became 19 in both the eyes.

I think it is a miracle that my eyes have become normal without any medicines and steroids."

- Ms. Asha


"I was suffering from chronic migraine for 8 years. I thank Reflexologist Dharam Prakash for curing me in 12 sittings only."

- Naveen Aggarwal



"I got my right shoulder 'frozen' in the middle of 2006. The pain was so acute that I found it hard to lift my right arm or hand even for putting my signature on any page. Medicines did not help me. At that stage I came to Reflexologist Dharam Prakash, not for treatment but to try & see what he had to offer. To my utter surprise and joy, I responded very positively & felt very comfortable in 2-3 sittings only. After about 10 sittings my problem of 'frozen' shoulder completely vanished."

- Mr. Suman Nayar, Commissioner (Central Excise & Customer, 2008)


"I thank Reflexologist Dharam Prakash for curing me of severe pain in my left hand."

- Dr. M. Radmilla, Dentist, Belgrade




"I had near-immobile neck, high pain in left arm and neck & upper back. Sleep & everyday life was difficult. I am grateful to Mr. Dharam Prakash for giving me fast recovery & making my sleep & everyday life normal."

- Saroj Gupta



"My pain in both the feet was so bad that walking was quite painful. Also, my fingers would not open up at all. Life was difficult. I got well fast with Mr. Dharam Prakash's therapy."

- Mrs. A Malhan



"Reflexologist Dharam Prakash treated me. It was a miracle-like healing. I was completely cured & have been fine since then."

- K. K. Goswami


"In the first sitting, 50% of my severe knee pain was solved. 40% was solved in the second sitting. I changed my food habits and stopped drinking water during and after the meals. I am perfectly fine now."

- Rakesh Batra